2009. dec. 6.


Living proof that there IS such thing as "Open Source Sci-Fi". And what is Orion's Arm, you might ask? An excellent question, with a nutshell of an answer - OA is:

  • The next step in the evolution of science-fiction
  • A collective hard science fiction world building endeavor
  • A space opera
  • A communal background for science fiction stories
  • A universe ready to be brought to life through illustration
  • A forum for cutting edge science
  • A roleplaying setting
  • A transhumanist projection of what the future might look like
  • A bunch of semi-sane sentients having fun together
Once you enter the ever-evolving universe of OA, say log out to everything you knew about Science Fiction. In fact, say log out from being a baseline hu. Transhumanism is about fun - why bother being one of those luddites taking that fun away from us all?

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