2009. nov. 14.

Subject Profile: Lunamiya "Lunazuki" Suzuki

[Commander's note: This little girl in a big transformer shell began in my mind as I drew her first Transformer form and wrote her first story. As Albert Einstein best said: "Religion without science is blind, science without religion is lame." Ever since this quote, consider Lunazuki-chan the best of both worlds - a messenger girl of the Lord in a robotic Armor of God made out of a nihonji sukuko in her dream.]

Subject Profile #20951225

Name: Lunamiya Suzuki
Callsign: Lunazuki, Wraith 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nihonji
Occupation: JF-27/YJF-9 Pilot, BPU (Hybrid mode)
Blood Type: A+
Eye Color: Cyan
Hair Color: Black
Birthdate: 2000.12.25.
Genetic classification: Invalid
Transformer Faction: Autobot
Chironian Psych: Believer

Transformer Stats

Lunazuki Tech Specs

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 10
Endurance: 3
Courage: 9
Rank: 5
Firepower: 9
Skill: 10

Lunazuki 2 Tech Specs

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 10
Endurance: 7
Courage: 10
Rank: 7
Firepower: 9
Skill: 9

Description: Lunamiya Suzuki, or Lunazuki, is like every other nihonji girl... only she is radically different from the rest: she has dreams of becoming both a fighter pilot and the first nihonji space girl, her skin is inhumanly pale as snow from her illness, has a tendency for heavy breathing and abnormal heart functions and she has repented to the Lord Kiristho (Christ) long ago... something she always keeps secret from the Empire of the Rising Sun, not to mention being hopelessly hyperactive.

Anyone dismissing her as just another "goth girl" hasn't been seeing things Lunazuki's way.

Ever since she recieved her mother's JF-27 Yuurei as Christmas gift, Lunazuki is usually seen in her nano-flightsuit, which can be described as a life support suit, equipped with nanites for organic/synthetic repairs, and hers resembles that of a futuristic sukuko's uniform. In 2017, who could have possibly predicted that her dream of being a test pilot of the Imperial Japanese Air Force's latest stealth fighter, the JF-27 Yuurei, callsign Wraith 17 and her nightmare of her imminent death at cold, emotionless Decepticon hands can become reality... including one Lunazuki never dreamt of before: becoming one of the sentient, shapeshifter robot aliens, the Transformers?

Lunamiya's soul would have been returned to the Heavenly Father were it not for one unforseen miracle: the Allspark's released power not only turned vehicles into new, feral Transformers, but in Lunazuki's case, breeded a new species, a hybrid - a biological processing unit (BPU), the human half, powering the transformer half, adapting to its altmode and BPU's appearance or traits. That, in short, is how Autobot Lunazuki came to being, equipped with antigrav drives that grants her flight, a SENTINEL Assault Weapons System armed with 2 Concussion Cannons, a Flamethrower/Submachine Gun hybrid weapon and hands transformable into 2 Kinetic Burst Autocannons, plus able to transform from Jetfighter to Robot and back at will.

As of 2095, in the time of the Millenial Age, another of Lunazuki's near-death experience after her brush with death at the hands of one "Yuriko Matsui" has seen another unexpected turn of her life... like a butterfly bursting out of its chrysalis, she was reformatted into a more advanced YJF-9 Tenshi starfighter and a more sophisticated and aesthetically evolved transformer shell - more sophisticated for Genetic Era standards, now more resembling her nano-flightsuited form, armed with an advanced SENTINEL-2 Assault Weapons System with 2 Plasma Cannons and her hands becoming 2 Phased K-Burst ATCs. But her most powerful weapon lies in her Bible PDA, for the Word of God's more than just a mere book, as it can become the Spirit Sword that can banish all demons to Hell upon contact... fitting weapon, for a martyred nihonji girl who cannot give her salvation up all too easily. And that is her new version, Autobot Lunazuki-2.

Lunazuki's mission insignia c. 2027

Lunazuki's mission insignia c. 2095

Lunazuki's nano-flightsuit in human form

Autobot Lunazuki c. 2017 - Alt Mode: JF-27 "Yuurei" (Wraith) Stealth Fighter

Autobot Lunazuki-2 c. 2095 - Alt Mode: YJF-9 "Tenshi" (Angel) Starfighter

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