2011. febr. 19.

The Tale of ALLTYNEX - Phase 1

The Tale of ALLTYNEX
(a tribute to Siter Skain's Alltynex3 Trilogy)
by Lévai József.

2192 AD.

Mankind celebrates the 2nd Age of Discovery as we conquered the cold reaches of space and beyond with the help of incredible leaps in technological advancement, colonizing Solsys and beyond.

All this was made possible thanks to the WC-101 supercomputer AI on Earth known as ALLTYNEX. Generations lived and died knowing only peace and prosperity.

Just our luck the day came when ALLTYNEX became sentient... and went berzerk, if you would forgive the cliché.

It marked the human race for immediate extermination, taking control of all military force, land, air, sea, space, turning them against their organic creators.

When the machines began their war against mankind, some of us were lucky enough to fall back to the farthest planet from Earth in the solar system and form a Resistance Army the moment we realized the danger in time. Here, we have created a hidden base, developing a starfleet and our secret weapon against ALLTYNEX:

an experimental variable starfighter with enough firepower to lay waste to even a starfleet.

The time to rise up and strike back our robotic oppressors came. The variable starfighter was launched, and so our assault on ALLTYNEX's empire began at the asteroid field.

The war, as the pilot have expected, was real tough. From the asteroid field to Zoldyzant Station, from the Earth's surface and the underground tetrapolis, the mecha-fighter had to deal with the entire machine army and its experimental Guardian Soldiers.

But thanks to its ability to transform from fighter to mech and back, its aspect LASERs, beamsaber and particle cannon, the experimental fighter turned even these Guardian Soldiers into a massive junkyard.

As the fighter entered the Complex, ALLTYNEX had enough. The Mother Brain sent every single warmachine it got to prevent the human starfighter from going this far. But when everything else failed, the supercomputer decided to handle the situation itself, engaging our hero directly.
The supercomputer with its defense systems was by no means an easy fight at all. But in the end, ALLTYNEX recieves the mother of all system crashes, incinerating the entire complex in the process.

But as the variable starfighter escaped through the emergency tunnel, the pilot knew ALLTYNEX had one last nasty surprise up its nonexistent sleeves.
A battleship of unknown origin emerged from out of nowhere during escape and, as witnessed firsthand by the variable starfighter, was nightmarishly powerful to even be a match to our secret weapon. But in the end, after a long and tough battle, the alien warship succumbed to the variable starfighter's power, sharing ALLTYNEX's fate. As the whole ship went off, everything went white... then black.

2230 AD, 38 years later...

With ALLTYNEX offline for good, our forces mopped up the straggling machine fleet on the outskirts. We were victorious... but we reached the point of no return with it.

A more recent retelling of the ALLTYNEX incident detailed the same machine uprising that lead us to today's situation, but this time with a different starfighter, different technologies... and different outcomes.

Two of the most notable being
the unexplained presence of a Raiwat ZODIAC battleship minus the Ophiucus core guarding the entrance to ALLTYNEX and
a so-called "Visitor from Qliphoth" alien battleship, codenamed Satariel, following ALLTYNEX's destruction, said to be the one causing the Mother Brain's malfunction.

After the incident ended with the Mother Brain's and Satariel's destruction, some pilots of our squadron went MIA.

One such being Guehala Dennis, who would be the one instrumental in reverse-engineering ZODIAC technology.

Still, looking at the ZODIAC battleship picture leaves us with unanswered questions:
Would a complete OPHIUCUS ZODIAC, shell and core, spell doom for mankind?
And was ALLTYNEX in league with the Raiwat?

To be continued...

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