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The Tale of ALLTYNEX - Phase 3

The Tale of ALLTYNEX
(a tribute to Siter Skain's Alltynex3 Trilogy)
by Lévai József.

Dedicated to Alice de Panafiru

Phase 3: Kamui
A great many generations marched past since the war with the Raiwat and the ZODIAC tragedy.

Since Ophiucus and the 12 ZODIACs are now distant, painful memories, we, humanity's remaining children, have been recovering from the aftershock and working on rebuilding our civilizations, our homes, families, lives, as well as updating our technologies to adapt to these new times, including this orbital complex where the final battle between Ophiucus and LIBRA and the two Kamuis was fought.

Alas, one man's hubris in his technological revolution would send us to a complete relapse of the ALLTYNEX incident of 2192 AD...

In an effort to improve AI and revolutionize computer systems, a top scientist named Xaffiquel creates a revolutionary, yet ethnically questionable method by which to infuse the human brain with a powerful computer, a bio-neurochip, to create more effective weapons: the Xaffiquel Theory.

We'll spare you the disgustingly sick details on the bio-neurochip. Believe us - some things are best left unknown. But for all we know, unmanned fighters with human brains fare much, much better than target practice, crash-prone and soulless UCAVs.

That theory proved successful, with the best possible neurofusion results being Rank-S... but in a strange and cruel twist of irony and unrevealed circumstances,

his daughter, Alice de Panafiru (aka Alice, Pany), is chosen as a subject and her brain is uploaded into an automated Kamui fighter in a bio-neurochip.
Irreversibly, Alice cannot go back to being a normal girl anymore.

Devastated, Xaffiquel decides to take vengeance on humanity and uses the theory on himself, uploading his mind into the orbital control platform, Zaphichel, and rebuilds the supercomputer Alltynex, now known as AlltynexOS, to aid him in his efforts.

But like the Alltynex of 2192 AD, AlltynexOS turned on him and takes control of all of Earth's military forces...

save for the single Kamui driven by Alice's Rank-SSS mind and soul.

This rouge Kamui was now the only thing standing between Zaphichel and AlltynexOS and the human race.

Alice wasted no time at all. She had to prevent the insane supercomputer and her deranged dad from exacting vengeance and commit a genocide that would make the ZODIAC war and the 2192 incident pale into insignificance in comparison. And thus, armed with its energy cannons, Thunder LASERs, the Thunder Sword particle beam and Alice's soul, the rouge Kamui fighter started up and took off to defuse the greatest threat to humanity ever since the events of past generations...

First, she cut a swathe at the automated space warships and the battlefleet as soon as she made her unauthorized launch from the orbital complex, eventually encountering and making short work of the aerial battleship Soryuu above Earth orbit.
Soon as she got rid of the aerial defense ships up in the stratosphere, Alice launched an all-out land-air-sea assault on the automated defense grid on the floating continent named Babylon. No enemy machine unit was left online after the assault, not even the heavy assault cruiser Kokutaka.
Diving deep into Fort Valley, Alice burned her way through the warship and mecha defense grid through the underground complex in her bid to launch a surprise attack on AlltynexOS... but she was only going into Gate 99 over Oukumo's burning, offline chassis.
Emerging from Gate 99, the rouge Kamui fighter had to deal with everything the defensive systems the Urban Hierarchy has got: assault warships, heavy assault tanks, fighter-bombers, flying wings and, of course, a squadron of mass-produced Kamui fighters, controlled by anyone other than Alice. None of these Kamuis had the soul Alice has.
Having dispatched of the Kamui fighters, Alice had the rude surprise of having to engage with what appeared to be a next-generation ZODIAC prototype - a sick fusion of the Raiwat Scutum I-P ship and ZODIAC battleships. After dodging its lethal assaults and inflicting enough damage to the automated battleship, it disengaged its unneccessary and damaged parts and switched to full attack mode, unleashing something... familiar. Something Alice had feared this would happen ever since the ZODIAC war....

The wings.
To make sure the ZODIAC tragedy does not, I repeat, does NOT transpire yet again and wipe away what little remained of the human civilization, Alice unleashed everything she had to blast the only next-gen prototype out of existence in a tiringly tough battle.

With the next-gen ZODIAC prototype gone for good, and with it any chance of a repeat of the ZODIAC tragedy, Alice raced into the heart of it all deep under the No-Usu underground complex where AlltynexOS is housed. Not even the mecha could stop the Kamui from penetrating into the supercomputer's inner sanctum.

Once inside, Alice de Panafiru was treated to a free, fully interactive history lesson as AlltynexOS booted the holo-battle simulator, disabled safety locks, and initialized historical datafiles of two past warmachines, all ready to do battle for one more time.

Round 1 was the first Guardian Soldier encountered in the Mars asteroid belt long, long ago in 2192 AD, brought to the virutal battlefield of today. Despite battlefield experience, though, that obsolete hunka junk was no match for advanced technology and human soul combined - all made manifest in Alice's Kamui.
Round 2 was when the Scorpio Zodiac at the orbital elevator during the Valkyness Uprising made its comeback. Despite being once as dangerous as it is now with its particle beams, aspect LASERs, stinger and antimatter nukes, Alice made sure this was the last time the arachnid riot cruiser ever returned to active duty. By sending it all flying apart into a huge fireball, of course.
Round 3 was when AlltynexOS decided it was the last straw and engaged the Kamui directly using the holographic hexa-weapons platforms of all types. The ensuing battle was by no means a piece of cake, but eventually, Alice emerged victorious, crashing Alltynex's system for good this time, evacuating as the whole facility was engulfed in a raging inferno.

But the real grand finalé is just beginning up in satellite orbit. Alice is now faced with the painful final objective of putting Xaffiquel completely out of his misery by nullifying the very orbital control platform he transferred his mind into:


And put him out of his misery she did.

After-Action Report

Much as it pained Alice de Panafiru to put an end to her father, Xaffiquel's insane existence, the rouge Kamui fighter and her soul can finally rest in peace, knowing that humanity was once more spared the horror of complete and irreversible extinction in cold, uncaring machine hands, which is permanent proof of something even the most sentient supercomputer will never have. Something that made this Kamui fighter different than the other hi-tech weapons system.

A human soul.

But at the point of no return, where does mankind go from here now, after the ALLTYNEX Incident of 2192 AD, after the Raiwat War and the ZODIAC Tragedy, and after the Xaffiquel Incident?

Only time knows for sure.

But mankind can easily blame all this on his greatest technological triumph, the most hi-tech supercomputer ever constructed and, therefore, his gravest error ever commited. All of this begins, and all of this ends with...


And thus ends...

] End of historical holofile. _
] Closing Historical Program... _

] AlltynexOS Rev.222.4020
KAMUI Virtual Battle Simulation System
System Status: Online.
Ready to run battle simulation - awaiting programming... _

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