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The Tale of ALLTYNEX - Phase 2

The Tale of ALLTYNEX
(a tribute to Siter Skain's Alltynex3 Trilogy)
by Lévai József.

Phase 2: RefleX
After the ALLTYNEX crisis, a new Earth government was established to alleviate the damage the Mother Brain's machine army have done. But it proved to be so tyrannic when they became militaristic with their counter-Zodiac war machines and battlefleets, some of us liked it better when ALLTYNEX was still online.

We can only take their injustice for this long before we reacted - violently, of course, thus forming a resistance group known as Valkyness, the mission being the overthrowing of the government, with technological support from the Cult of the Holy Serpent. Our secret weapon:

the Phoenix Mk. 2, an enhanced version of the mainstay Valkyness Phoenix starfighter, equipped with a reflective ShieldShotSystem (SSS) - the works of Dr. Dennis.

The time for Valkyness to rise was now.

Just when the Phoenix Mk. 2 prepared for launch in a Cultist Carrier, a pinpoint raid from one of the Earth-Zodiacs, the air-battleship Virgo, nuked the battleship, but the Phoenix launched in the nick of time and began its assault, its guns and SSS shielding ripping the government airfleet and one of the Zodiacs, Pisces, and forcing Virgo to retreat after a long battle.
Following the government forces massing at the Moon, the Phoenix's pilot had the nerve to invade the government HQ at Earth orbit, getting rid of the supertank Taurus and the riot cruiser Scorpio on the way.
Leaving Earth orbit and en-route to Luna, the Phoenix launched a surprise attack against the Meteor Fleet, annihilating the flagship Zodiac Sagittarius and the twin Geminis.

Turned out the Meteor Fleet had its hands full with something worse than us rebels.

The battle with the government's most advanced battleship, Cancer, was long and a challenging one, especially when it switched into a more powerful, crablike attack mode. The battle ended with a surprise particle LASER blast from an unknown battleship, obliterating Cancer and the gov't and Valkyness moonbases in one fell sweep.
It is then the Phoenix realized the situation has become much more dire, for Earth faced an invasion by a fleet of incredible power. After a day's thought and preparation, it is decided the Phoenix will attempt to repel the invaders.

What began as a civil war between human factions for the fate of Earth has permutated into something greater - and much more horrible.

As the Phoenix warped back to Earth, it is now clear all human forces fight as one. The civil war was over due to the much greater threat.

The "Raiwat".

The Raiwat were once humans who existed many centuries ago and ventured into space unknown. Some of these humans settled on a planet and over time evolved, turning into what appears to be a wolf/human form - leading to being nicknamed "space werewolves". These Raiwat invaders are conducting an assault on Earth - but many do not understand why, save for their high command. The reason seems to deal with something about ZODIAC, but it is yet unknown. The Meteor Fleet was created to deal with the Raiwat, led by the City-Buster gunboat squadron Enlopy.

As the Phoenix descended into Earth, all of Earth's remaining forces, both the world government's and Valkyness' alike, fight to repel the Raiwat invasion. Here, the Phoenix fights against the Inspector-Defender craft called Scutum, whose purpose is to observe the progress of the Raiwat assault. After the battle is over, the human Virgo and the Phoenix descend into the ruins of the Alltynex core to fight their greatest threat yet.

Some words on the origins of the ZODIAC battleships before we continue.

The 12 ZODIACs were created by the Raiwat as automated vessels, each having incredible power and all similar in design.
Their most distinguishing features are the energy wings that appear out of the back to signal full power and also the near interpenetrate, energy reflecting shield. The 12 ZODIACs have the same naming scheme as the Earth versions, that is, VIRGO, CANCER, TAURUS, SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS, etc. The ZODIACs, despite being of the same design, are slightly different from one another in their method of thinking and ability.

For unknown reasons, the Raiwat lost control of the ZODIACs and they began a rampage that nearly turned the Raiwat into a permanent exhibit in extinct species. Somehow, they were able to deactivate the ZODIACs and seal them away forever.

The Raiwat military decided to reactivate the ZODIACs and use them against Earth. They declared war on humanity because they feel betrayed by them... but it is not known why they feel this way.

The ZODIACs did not go unnoticed though. Dr. Dennis discovered the ZODIACs and attempted to create weapons on Earth that were to destroy the Raiwat ZODIACs using his research on the ZODIAC Core. He dubbed these vessels with the with same naming scheme as the Raiwat: Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius, etc., all vessels that the Phoenix previously fought.

Upon entering the place where Alltynex once existed, the Phoenix fights against once of the ZODIACs, the same one that destroyed Cancer, called VIRGO. After fighting for a short time, VIRGO realizes how much of a threat the Phoenix can present and unleashes its full power, spreading its energy wings. VIRGO proceeds to escape the ruins, crashing into and destroying the human-made Virgo in the process.

During this continued fight, VIRGO fires all manner of powerful weaponry but the Phoenix's shield handles the load.

Finally, VIRGO decides the Phoenix is too much of a threat to ignore and destroys the Phoenix Mk. 2 by firing everything it has against it. The attack manages to cripple the fighter and kill the pilot.

However, something... beyond extraordinary occurred.

The Phoenix Mk. 2 reactivated itself and gained a similar power to the ZODIACs.

The special core that Dr. Dennis installed in the Phoenix Mk. 2 was the 13th ZODIAC core: "Ophiuchus". This 13th ZODIAC was created when the original 12 ZODIACs were exterminating the Raiwat and was designed to destroy said battleships. Having been activated, the Phoenix began its new programming and proceeded to terminate VIRGO, then go after the remaining 11 ZODIACs.

Some time passed after these events.

The Phoenix Mk. 2/Ophiuchus continued to assault the remaining ZODIACs, destroying them one by one while all the ZODIACs counter-attacked, as detailed in a Raiwat commander's personal log. The resulting battles completely devastated humanity's civilizations, and left the human race teetering on the edge of extinction.

The remaining humans managed to create a massive fortress in Earth's orbit and created a special "automated vengeance system" designed to attack all of the ZODIACs, including the Ophiuchus. These weapons are the Kamui fighters, designed using the research of the ZODIACs and the Phoenix Mk. 2.

In the final battle, the only remaining ZODIAC is LIBRA.

Having detected the Phoenix, LIBRA attacked the Earth station in an attempt to draw out Ophiuchus and is successful. However, the AVS was also activated, and two Kamuis were dispatched to deal with both of the ZODIACs.
Unfortunately for the Kamuis, they ended up being no match for the ZODIACs, despite their power. In one final attack, LIBRA vaporized the Kamuis and in doing so crippled itself, leaving the Phoenix to deliver the killing blow.

Then, having completed its programming, Ophiucus self-destructed in order to prevent the ZODIAC tragedy from repeating itself.

(That'll teach us humans to believe too much in our horoscope.)

But as far as devastating wars and incidents are concerned, one happened before, and one will happen again.

'Twas only a question of when.

To be continued...

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