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Messier 7 Racefiles: Dominae

The Dominae Matriarchy

I. Birth of the Dominae

In the time of Man's rise into space, in the Messier 7 cluster, in the Domina system, here lies Domina IV, a half sunny, half stormy Eden planet, the soon-to-be homeworld of one all-female race: the Dominae Matriarchy.

In Christmas Eve, 2010, the Dominae came to be when a Terran sleepership, carrying 25.000 Terran women, happened to fly into the Mars wormhole that warped it into this cluster and this system, sending it planetfalling into Domina IV. According to Dominae mythology, all this was the work of one goddess they came to call "Dominae ex Alpha", the "First Dominae", who was said to be the mother of all Dominae today.

When the women of the crashed sleepership awakened and came out, they were greeted with a spectacular vision - some will come to call it a hallucination - of their aforementioned goddess. Eir call to the proto-Dominae was like music - classical Terran music, to be exact:

"Welcome to thine home, my daugthers, this world, this Great Garden in the great void. I am called Dominae ex Alpha, and thou may call me thine Mother-Matriarch. I shall be thine shield from all danger... or thine worst enemy to all enemies, whom I shalt lay vengeance upon.

Verily, verily, must thou hear me: thou, my daughters, are destined to be in the stars, in bright unity, caretaking this galaxy with all the kindness thou canst. Thou shalt multiply, prosper and advance, then create thine Ships of Space and set sail into the Great Beyond.
But be prepared for even the worst storms of war, for thou shalt createth thine guardian machines and warrior ships of space to fight the wars thou shalt be subjected into and be persecuted in.

Remember this day, for thou art now called... Dominae."

With this, Dominae ex Alpha have vanished from the Dominae, who were instantly gifted with great understanding and technological knowledge - eir only legacy was a brightly shining star, about as bright as the Polar Star. Soon, every Dominae, including the future Shelia Domina I, set about building their Empire here.

And so came to pass that Shelia Domina I came to be the Queen of Dominia-Kyryan, possessing an unusual medallion that grants her immortality and extended youth, as long as the medallion is intact and worn, and beauty that rivaled all the other Princesses and Queens of Domina IV, such as Rekhalya Mirysi of Domina-Sylen, Mikushy Kikyha of Domina-Hakare, Sepphin Na'strey of Domina-Vynsi and even, unfortunately, Narhia Domina, which suffers from a genetic flaw that made her one of the worst Princesses that ever set foot on Domina IV.

This was only the beginning of the Dominae and their trials by fire...

Shelia Domina I was indeed a benevolent queen - and her actions, such as from founding new, advanced nanotech hospitals and Dominae ex Alpha-praising (as much as Lord Christ-praising) churches to saving the poor and defenseless from hostile queendoms in times of occasional wars with her ingenious military technologies, such as "Knight" Bio-Powersuits and levtanks and gravjets, soon to be copied by the others. In fact, Shelia is so obsessed with hospitals, medical technologies, biology, cloning and nanotech, she can pretty darn much turn Domina IV into a hospital planet - for she knows that there lie virii in this planet, from mere common cold to exotic killers, for its peaceful and lush greenworld-rain enviroment hides many deadly diseases, awaiting prey to infect. No wonder the Dominae are the "battle nurses of the universe".

Shelia's primary goal, however, is to heed the words of Dominae ex Alpha: to bring her race into the eternity of space. And to this end, she initiated Project "Astra Domina" to create the first Dominae spaceship named after the project's codename, launching NetSat drone satellites as a prologue to a new era of Dominae history, to unite the different queendoms as the "Matriarchy". With these NetSats, Shelia made her first planetwide broadcast and Seasons Greetings in Christmas - a Terran/SolFleet tradition brought in with their sleepership in the Planetfall. And soon, the construction of the DME (Domina Matriarchy Explorer) Astra Domina was well underway. Since the Dominae are master medics, it should come as no surprise that the DME Astra Domina is a hospital ship.

Then, in New Year's Eve 2040, the unthinkable happened.
Shelia has just... vanished.
No trace of her corpse.
No farewell message.

In reality, Shelia Domina, from a startling vision that her malevolent glitch of a princess and sister Narhia, in a surprise attack, steals the medallion, stripping the benevolent queen of her immortality and then finishing off Shelia herself in one well-placed caseless bullet to the heart, decided to hide and shelter herself in her Imperial room, along with many of those Dominae who believed in her, from civilian to soldier, to make sure this is a self-preventing rather than self-fufilling prophecy. There, with the Dominae populace guarding the area, Shelia began her medical research into unlocking future technologies hidden within the Dominae DNA, hoping that Astra Domina will become a reality through all this.

Meanwhile, the Dominae kingdoms decided to hold an election of who will be the next ruler of Kyryan and therefore the next Matriarchy queen. Sylen, Hakare and Vynsi all suggested their leader's ideas of the race's future. As the election was over, sadly, all Dominae had their jaws hanging in dismay and shock to the disturbing results of the election.

None other than Narhia Domina herself is elected Dominae Queen in a surprise move.

2040 will go down in Dominae history as the darkest year. Thanks to a genetic error which made Narhia a hopeless military tech and future combat systems addict, it's no surprise her Dark Reign is of military-fueled cruelty rivalled only by heartless Synthyen anti-organic crusades, focusing all available resources from medical care, worship and starship production to all-out military development and future military concepts, resulting in a military dictatorship producing high-tech combat systems rivalled only by Hakare's prototype assault units - at the expense of the Dominae majority.

Worst of all, Narhia personally cancelled the Astra Domina project and ordered the NetSats to be converted into KillSat orbital weapons, making sure all of those who oppose her will die planetbound.

And make sure of it she will, knowing that a resistance faction is quietly gathering strength, poised to overthrow her from the Dominae Throne.

In fact, Narhia is the leader of a small yet powerful elite group consisting of her hand-picked Royal Knights, including Royal Knight Ierys Nijerys, her Ace of Spades. Narhia, in fact, is a Royal Knight too - she has been in a Knight bio-powersuit in the field for so long a time it became Narhia's life-support system, constantly updated with new technologies, her sleek and naked figure bathed in medigel. In reflection, they are called the "Dominae-Karae" - the Empirials.

Meanwhile, the common Dominae citizenry and followers of Shelia has ultimately hit rock-bottom, gripped in poverty, disease, crime, racism, and unnecessary military excess and police brutality. They were at the edge of breaking down into rage-filled rioting, rebellion and eventual revolution.

And one of them erupted like a volcano of rage: Nersheylim Meroya Aerai, a Dominae strongly believing in the concept of a free, republican government through patriotic revolution (in 1776 America style), and she regrets that Aerai has but one life to give for the Dominae dream and overthrow Narhia Domina's Dark Reign. But not alone, as Nersheylim recruited the downtrodden Dominae citizenry who are like-minded in her quest, and soon, a well-trained, well-equipped and courageous resistance faction was born to create the "Dominae Republic" from the ashes of the Narhia Reign: the "Dominae-Aerai", also known as the Revoluters, named after the revolutionary leader.

Both sides know their objective: complete elimination of the other. Both, alas, also forgot about Dominae ex Alpha's commandment of space exploration. And this both sides will learn this the hard way - as prophesized by Shelia Domina in a phantom NetSat transmission:

"To all dear Dominae who can hear this:

you have all drifted astray from our Mother-Matriarch, Dominae ex Alpha's commandment and promise of a unified, prosperous and gentle Matriarchy in the stars. I dedicated my whole life to medical preservation for Dominae of all ages, maiden, mother and crone, womb to tomb, to shielding ourselves against malevolent queendoms, and to keep the promise through the Astra Domina project so that we can begin our Matriarchy in the stars... and through my disappearence on purpose, THIS is what my malevolent sister repays me: a tyranny placing emphasis on unnecessary military conquest over the welfare of even the poorest women alive, destroying every life it touches with its cold, unhuman hands.

Worst of all, you all have made Dominae ex Alpha angry by shutting down my space program, trapping us all in the confines of our planet... only to die in destruction of war, especially through the satellites you turned into orbiting death machines.

And now you even threaten to start a civil war?!
A war pitting sister against sister?!
Turning our greatest champions into our greatest enemies?!
Which will result in, as the Terrans put it, MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION?!!!

I beg of you, my Dominae sisterhood, especially Narhia: enough of all this needless suffering and cruelty and madness this instant, and return to our original goal of setting sail into the stars beyond, so that Dominae ex Alpha may spare you. But... should you continue to pursue warfighting and hatemonging in our world, then, through massive clouds as red as blood covering the skies, our Mother-Matriarch shall send down her vengeance upon you, striking down all those of little-to-no faith for good.

This and only this warning I shall give you, people of Domina IV. No more shall follow after this."

Alas, the responses were all too expected: Narhia and her Royal Knight Elite rejected her goody two-shoes sister's warning as nothing more than kiddie superstitious nonsense.
Aerai's revolutionaries ignored it outright in fear of losing focus of their revolution, viewing "religious fanaticism" as yesterday's news, ready for the junkyard of the past.
Everyone else laughed so hard as if it is a comedy act they coughed blood in the end.

II. The Dominae Civil War - Dominae-Aerai VS Dominae-Karae

Then, in one cold November morning - in 2041.11.16., to be exact - did the first shots of the Civil War rang across the Dominae factions' bases. Dominae-Aerai and -Karae military troops go toe-to-toe, face-to-face, gun-to-gun in what is perhaps the most wartorn eras in the history of the Matriarchy. From heavily fortified city-fortresses to abandoned medical complexes and grassy, rain-drenched plains, scenes of combat, death and destruction were common. So much only the occasional rain can wash away the brutality.

Dominae-Karae Knights engaged with traitor, Aerai-allied Knights in duels while Dominae-Aerai Cruisers bombarded empirial fortresses with hot plasma from the safety of the seas.
Knight duels, levtank combat and grav-needlejet dogfighting became favorite sports of war for both sides, both on the ground and in the air, even going so far as to broadcast it in Holovision (HV).
Even space is no safe haven, as the KillSats intervened as orbital fire support, frying anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in their Ion Beams to a crisp - including anyone attempting to leave Domina IV in orbital escape. The cause? Some Aerai and Karae pilots were driven insane by a vision to heed Dominae ex Alpha's words by leaving for the stars, doing little more than comply the visions. An act that regrettably cost them their lives.

And with vicious abandon raged this historic civil war for 6 gruelling years.

Neither side gaining nor yielding, devastating the world into a used battlefield in the process, littered with the remains of bases, weapons, vehicles, aircraft, ships and life.

For the Dominae as a race, Death's Doom (Mutually Assured Destruction) was near the corner.

Shelia Domina and her followers were about to throw up big time in dismay from all this needless bloodshed in the name of everything - in the name of honor, of patriotism and of simple, psychotic, blind-as-a-bat rage. Yet, inexplicably, Shelia's medallion crystal began to glow brightly in a strong, green-tinted light - showing to Shelia that Domina Ex Alpha has shown that the war will be over, and that there is no need to worry, even as death consumes all Dominae in the war. And that the deity is happy that Lady Shelia has kept her promise of spacefaring through her covert research of spaceflight and genetic technological unlocking.

Shelia cannot help but smile as wide as humanly possible.

Come 2047.12.01., Narhia and Aerai decided the time has come for one final battle for supremacy at the captial city of Domina Prima, home to Shelia's work of DEA churches and DominaMed Hospitals. If one of the factions are victorious, that faction can decide the future of the Dominae as a race and empire. And both Domina-Aerai and Domina-Karae are Hellbent on becoming that.

Call it suicide, but both leaders will personally join the final battle - Narhia at the top of the Dominae Palace's balcony as a sign of defiance, ready to leap in for the kill if need be and Aerai taking her command levtank into Narhia's backyard just to send the tyrant queen her regards.
As the Empirials and Revoluters charged to face each other, however, what should have been a massive slaughterfest of a battle instead became a fufillment of a prophecy, as the clouds, for no apparent reason, began to gather, ever bigger, ever darker, until the clouds have totally eclipsed the sun, and started raining, much to the confusion of the warrior ladies witnessing this phenomenal event. Even Narhia bubbled in medigel from the shock of the sight. It was the cloud's color becoming crimson is then the Dominae-Aerai and the Dominae-Karae finally realized the error of their ways - the error of rebelling against Dominae Ex Alpha.

And for that, they must pay.
With their lives.

Such was Dominae ex Alpha's Vengeance.

The blood-red thunders then came crashing down on the faithless factions, each thunder claiming one Dominae combatant's life - including ace knight Ierys and top revolutionary Aerai. Every Dominae Knight was electrocuted in a macabre dance of death inside their compromised suits, every levtank crashed into each other when their drivers recieved the Benjamin Treatment, every needlejet fell from the skies with their pilots fried, crashed and burned. Aerai's levtank can do nothing but crash right into the palace gates with its pilot zapped. Truly it was a sight no mortal was meant, if ever, to see.

Even Narhia Domina has seen the end of the line, being struck with a lightning that gave her the mother of all heart attacks, sending the tyrant queen falling thousands of miles into hell - more specifically, into the platform level, leaving a small crater.

Narhia's last words were of apology, of being sorry for being a twisted sister to Shelia and that her Knight bio-powersuit must be worn by her benevolent sister as memory of that apology, then shriveled up and kicked the bucket like a good tyranness.

This is a day long remembered in Dominae history. It has seen the end of the Dark Reign of Narhia Domina and the Dominae civil war.

As soon as Shelia and the majority of the population who sided with her emerged from the room and climbed the stairways to the balcony, the Dominae Queen and the survivng Dominae lived to see snow falling on Dominae for the first time in their lives. For the first time in generations. The snow symbolized the end of the wartorn times and the beginning of new and peaceful ages. Shelia then made her move:

She announces the union of all Dominae Queendoms to form what is today the Dominae Matriarchy, with her ruling as queen-president.

But as soon as Shelia finished her announcement, she suddenly felt... heartbeats in her abdomen. Feeling her belly, the queen now knows that she has a future generation to provide for the moment Astra Domina is completed. With this, she fainted with a smile.

........1 year later........

The moment Shelia Domina I regained consciousness, she can feel herself immersed in... a bath of medigel, tending and nuturing her pale-white, sleek and nude body. Shelia suddenly realized that she is now wearing a Knight Bio-Powersuit, and she was in the medbay of the DME Astra Domina, which has been completed using the technologies discovered at the time while she was out like a lightbulb. That, and reparations were made, undoing the damage the catastrophic civil war caused that nearly meant the end of Dominae civlization as they know it.

Shelia knows whose Knight armor used to be. Narhia's. As a gift of apology for being rotten all the time to the good sister. This final act of generosity is perhaps the only good in Narhia - after all, nobody is perfect.

As for Shelia's child - thanks to nanotechnologic miracles, the baby, whom she called "Aisyko", turned out to be in perfect condition and is at age 1... but something's wrong with the picture: not only did the nano give Aisyko a fit body of a 19-year old for reasons unknown to this day, Shelia's child turned out to have... mental powers beyond Dominae comprehension. "Psionics", the Terrans call them, usually found manifesting inside Sectoid aliens, humans and "hybrids". But psionic Dominae? These special women would prove to be a rare sight indeed - and rare sights are to be cherished deeply. Clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, the works.

But there was no time to waste. The infinity of space above the sky was waiting for the Dominae to come out and play, and the DME Astra Domina is preparing to launch. After all, Dominae ex Alpha have given Shelia's race an appointment, and they sure as hex don't want to be late.

III. Into the Stars

December 7th, 2047 - a day the Dominae race have waited generations to come.

The launch of the first Dominae starship, the DME Astra Domina, out into space.

As the well-armed hospital explorer ship lifted off from the magrail launcher at Dominastra Space Central, countless souls of the Matriarchy celebrated the day they have finally rid themselves of the planetary shackles the Dominae were enchained to since Planetfall and made Dominae ex Alpha's commandment of space true.

A sight unparalleled awaited those aboard the DME Astra Domina, including Shelia as its commander. The sight of outer space, as their Mother-Matriarch have promised them, of the Messier 7 cluster. Shelia knew that her project was a complete success, and have planned the next step in mind: manufacture colony ships to expand their benevolent rule, stations to guard their space and warships, should they be thrust to war once more.

It was then that the Dominae first happened to make first contact with their first alien Race: the so-called "Saviors", the DME Astra Domina bumping into a Savior "Crossship". To the Matriarchy, these Overtech aliens from out of nowhere were the stuff of legend in the Dominae Mythology-Holobooks, "saving" Races facing extermination on their dying homeworld and "punishing" any who resist their rescue ops and seize the Overtech for themselves - in fact, their historical records reveal that the Dominae were not the only offshoots of the Terran race, as their first Saved Race were the "Raptured".

Truths dawned on Shelia and the Dominae race as a whole.
That her medallion was forged from certain leftover Savior Overtech, giving her immortality. That she was the descendant of a generation of sleepership women from Earth.
That the Saviors told Shelia and her loyalists to research into Dominae DNA.
And that the Saviors orchestrated all this, seeing that the Dominae might become endangered enough to consider saving them - through the Civil War.
Effectively adding the Dominae Matriarchy into the ranks of the Saved Races.

What other choice does this fated meeting leave Shelia Dominae but to accept the Gift?

The fruits of Overtech-derived research were many: Ion Thunderbolt Cannons and Ion Thunderstorm Generators, Wraith Cloak Generators, upgraded medical-use nanotech, the discovery of the Wormhole, and eventually, some worlds, starting with those near Domina IV, under the banner of the Matriarchy.

IV. First Contact - Raptured

Who could have forseen the fateful first contact encounter between the Dominae and the other offshoot Terran race, known as the Raptured, formally United Empyrrean?

V. First Contact - Synthyen

VI. First Contact - Arachnids

VII. The Dominae-Arachnid War

VIII. First Contact - Delphini

IX. First Contact - Xelrihn

X. First Contact - Olympyon

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