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Messier 7 Racefiles: Xelrihn

The Xelrihn Sovereignity

I. Ace Fighter History - at a glance

When the Xelrihn came to be on their Greenland-Arctic-Canyon homeworld of Xelri IV, a planet in the Xelri Asteroid Cloud-hidden Xelri system in Messier 7, this insectile-humanoid race developed their technology quickly, mainly thanks to left-over alien (read: Savior) tech on their world, forming an aero-culture, based on aerial civilization and combat aspects, and resulting in their first invention that came to their mind.

The Jet Fighter.

Xelrihn fighter pilots each flew a Microwave Fusion-powered, antigravity fighterjet (Xel'Niihr), effectively and practically voiding ground combat in favor of Aircarriers (Xel'Xanher), flying, Anti-Grav versions of the old Terran aircraft carriers. Thus was created a nation of the western, snow-grassfields part of the planet: the West-Xelri Alliance (Xelri'Mihr-Nexhiir).
However, another nation happened to form at the completely snowy, canyon-ridden eastern part, going by the name of the East-Xelri Federation (Xelri'Vihr-Hriikh), a nation that has developed radically advanced fighterjets, powered by a new powersource discovered from the alien tech:

Dark Energy.

Having known that Microwave Fusion-powered fighterjets are now rendered obsolete by - and useless against - new, Dark Energy-powered ones, the Alliance wasted no time in seizing Dark Energy for themselves and use to create their own versions of the Federation's advanced fighterjets. The Federation, however, would not permit the Alliance to win so easily, and to this end, they launched their airfleet right into West Xelri, in Earth Year 2043.12.11..
As it arrived above West Xelri's flying capital, Helyx'Hiir, the sun was eclipsed for the Westerners by the swarms of Fighterjets and groups of Aircarriers. All of obviously unknown origin.

This action CLEARLY meant only one thing to them:


The Xelrihn Civil War, as it was called by the inhabitants of Xelri IV, followed for 7 long years, with equal casualties and new fighterjets, aircarriers, weapons and technologies on both sides, until the Xelrihn Tech-Divison realized that the alien technology they themselves have RE-d can be used for another great discovery:

space flight.

When both sides caught wind of this discovery, the War slowed down to a halt in its 7th year (2050.12.24.), culminating in a one-on-one aerial Deathmatch between 2 Xelrihn fighterjet legends, Xrih'Nexahn of the Alliance (AF-7 Harbinger) and Niir'Vanxir of the Federation (FF-10 Reaper), around a Federation Aircarrier named the "Sentinel", above East Xelri's capital, Minex'Rhi. In the end of this visceral fight, Xrih' sent Niir''s fighterjet spiraling right into the Sentinel's launchbays, killing him. Xrih' almost regretted Niir''s death, knowing that he was a formidable foe from the beginning of this war. But even in death, Niir' will forever haunt Xrih''s nightmares....

It has become clear that, for better or worse, the Xelrihn came to the realization that working together against their future enemies prove more useful than being at war with their own. The Xelrihn decide to unite and develop starship technology that will free themselves from the very homeworld they are confined on.

That, in short, is how the Xelrihn Sovereignity came to be.

But of course, why should aggressions between Xelrihn nations stop here? Soon as the Xelrihn insectmen, united as a race and empire, launched their first 20 Space Carriers (Xel'Xanher'Xil) into the depths of their space, 7 of the carriers, being veterans of the Civil War fueled by hatred too deep for forgiveness, broke off from their main fleet and established well-hidden asteroid bases, using the Xelri Cloud's rocks to their advantage, biding for the right time they would unleash their vengeance upon those who ruined their lives. These 7 were known as the Traitor Carriers.

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