2010. jún. 2.

New Times, New PCs

[Establishing Personal Log: 2010.06.02....]

The moment this log entry is completed, it is from, thanks to my 19th lifeyear, my brand new, Intel i3 Core-powered, Nvidia Geforce GTX 480-card boosted, super-coolant equipped and Windows 7 operating computer. And believe me - Nexuiz runs EXCELLENTLY to my favor, even going so far as to win my first Nexuiz match with a single bot. May the Arena Masters bless this game with immortality.

As for my older computer... let's jest say it kept the faith since its Christmas activation until the end, which is having control transferred to one "Lévai Olimpia", my younger sister. *hah* "Sister". "Nemesis" would be too kind for the likes of her. Can't properly set up a firewall, let alone last a Nexuiz match.

Well, happy 19th birthday to one lucky next-gen gamer.

And this one's just for testament...

Nexuiz - Simple, Fast, Intense and Completely Free

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