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Messier 7 Racefiles: Raptured

The Raptured

I. Salvation thru the Saviors

For time immemorial, since the dawn of Man, have the Saviors, a benevolent Race from out of nowhere, possessing Overtech used to "Save" certain Races facing annihilation, existed. We know not where they come from, save their mission to rescue alien Races at the edge of extinction.
To those grateful Races who were Saved did the Saviors only share their Overtech secrets, and all faithless Races that dare defy the Saviors and their rescue operations are brought to divine justice - "Punished".

But the very first Saved Race, of course, was the Terrans from Earth. Us. A paradox of a Race. Savage, yet sophisticated. Emotional, yet compassionate. Unstable, yet empathic.

A Race, after all, that does work hard on everything it undertakes. Given the chance, Terrans have what it takes to overcome or eliminate their foes. It happened before in the dawn of man. And it is happening again, happening to be the apocalyptic World War III when they arrived.

To the doomed human race, our race, during the End Times on Earth, in the Age of the End, did the Saviors show themselves in their magnificently advanced, cross-shaped starships, "Crosships". In the eyes of the Terrans, these Overtech aliens were here to Save us - and indeed were they Saved, being "raptured" from their dying homeworld of Earth into their fleets, believing to be angels sent from the Lord.

Little did we knew that the surviving Terrans on Earth would later evolve into what we will know as the "United Sol Federation", or USF for short.

And so did the Saviors depart from Sol, headed towards the unknown Messier 7 cluster.

In exchange for being Saved, the Saviors gave this Terran offshoot Race, our race, a new Eden-like world to call home in a new star system, advanced starship, medical, weapons, subsystem and propulsion technologies, Dark Energy, the secrets of the Wormhole and best of all, eternal paradise with the Saviors, as long as we remember their Saviors and the day we were Saved. To do otherwise would mean stagnation, corruption and eventual extinction. An act that would lead us to be called by the other Races ridiculous terms such as "high-tech zealots", "technorapture loonies" and "alien-lover fanatics" - but we beg to disagree.

So we accepted the Gift from the Saviors.

We, who will be the Raptured, knew not when will our long journey into the new system, far, far away in Messier 7, ends... until the Promised Land, at last, was in visual range, inside the safety of a vast nebula. The sight was beyond beautiful in the eyes of our race, indeed - our new homeworld in the deep-blue nebula, both christened "Empyrrean" for the heavenly sight, is indeed what exactly Eden looked like prior the Original Sin, with added winter wonderlands and cherry blossom trees and exotic lifeforms. Truly, this is where we now call "home" since then.

And so did Empyrrean II, Eden-Winterland second planet in the Empyrrean Nebula system, became the homeworld of the humans rescued by the Saviors, which became united under one name, one faith, one empire and one destiny: formally, "United Empyrrean". To reflect this fateful historic day, we, as a Race and empire, christened ourselves a name - a name after a term of salvation through grace as written in the Book of Revelation in the Conclave Bible of old, an event referred to as the "Blessed Hope" A name that described who we truthfully are.


II. - Free at Last

When the Saviors departed after the Raptured first set foot on Empyrrean II, while most of us are Spacers, those who see space as their only true home, establish a magnificent starbase, the "Sanctuary", our empire flourished and evolved, many generations living and dying knowing peace, and peace only. But we have learned that even pacifist empires have standing armies - and R&D of new starship and military technologies were underway, creating our space military, the "Empyrrean Sentinel Forces", Raptured pilots, captains and soldiers dedicated to fight for the Saviors and United Empyrrean, to fight for what they hold dear, no matter what world they came from, and to fight against who would take such cherished treasures away - our lives more likely, namely the soulless "Synthyen" death machines.

But for now, manufacturing is hard at work on colony ships to expand our Empire, which yielded the first colony ship to ever set for the stars: the UECS Ark, as customary to our ships having Biblical names, named after the Ark of Noah who carried those animals and his family to safety during the Great Flood. Its destination: the nearest inhabitable planet in the Empyrrean system.

III. First Contact - Dominae

IV. First Contact - Synthyen

V. First Contact - Arachnid

VI. The Synthyen Crusade

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