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Messier 7 Racefiles: Arachnid

The Arachnid Omnivoracity

I. Awakening of one Hive

When one thinks of the Arachnid Omnivoracity,
one thinks of a little-known, yet telepathically intelligent and technologically (mainly nanotechnologically) evolved, spacefaring insectoid Race, named "arachnids" after their spiderlike biology and derogatorily referred to as "Bugs". When one thinks of Arachnid presence in the unknown Messier 7 cluster, one can easily refer to the story of Queen R16 and her lonely Spacer colony of Hivesystem. Present day, this small Bug colony has grown into a full-blown Omnivoracity empire, encompassing ample worlds.

By the time R16 had regained full consciousness, she finds herself inside the command chamber of the Arachnid Mothership named after her: "Mothership R16", with all Arachnid units in cryo-storage accounted for. The last Arachnid Queen had a nasty case of amnesia, and knew not how long she was unconscious... but the moment she reawakened, R16 can see that there is a Hivering orbital complex around what is termed Hiveworld I in the Hivesystem, denoting the hub of all Arachnid activity - all other systems, major or not, are designated as "AS-XXX", and each planet "AS-XXX-X" or "AS-XXX-P" if the system contains only one planet. Around the Hivering, Arachnid colonizers, warships (from drone fighters to experimental supercapitals and mass accelerators), drones, and satellites were being manufactured, new entek breakthroughs researched for the war effort, Bio-Hospitals with biovats and medvats founded. Warrior Arachnids were being cloned in biovats, bio-fitness optimized in medvats, bio-trained in VRECs (ViRch Enrichment Center) and equipped with LASER and Plasma systems, more than ready for combat duty, Workers busy doing maintenance duties with their Nano-engineer system packages, Captains assuming command of their selected warships once biovat-cloning and bio-programmed VREC training is finished, and Brains maintaining the colony balance.

Good. R16 is a Spacer Queen - and as the universe will soon know, Spacer Arachnids like her tend to do their thing more... radically, with extra spice. R16 can feel pretty much at home in Hivering Hiveworld.

Since the so-called and legendary "last Arachnid Queen" had amnesia, R16 cannot recall anything prior her awakening to present day... save for some telepathic whispers and transmissions, detailing war with a collective of enemy races - and potentional all-you-can-eat buffet, since her race has a... delicious tendency to treat non-Arachnid life like food. The screams of pain and torment. Possibly one-by-one victims of their foes. R16 even registers the thoughts of what she loathed, including screams for the... "Savior".

"Savior"... that name seemed familiar. Who are these Saviors? Possibly an overtech alien species? Are they truly godlike with all these technological sophistication? And are they... tasty enough for a table for her Race? Speaking of "godlike", even though the Arachnid race looks to their queen as their "goddess", R16 always reminded herself - and all of her race - that she is just a hyperevolved physical lifeform, not a supernatural being. Still, R16's presence was important enough for the Arachnids, because she is the central telepathic brain of their operations.

And her death? What would happen to her "children" should her death - by her or the enemy's choice, by chance or accident - disrupt the telepathic network? The burden of such an unfortunate event is too much to bear, but R16 is already perfecting a way to cheat death: posthumous conch and telepath network upload into a new, biovat-generated Queen clone, each designated "V-XX" to denote unit generation. But even R16 knows too well that one, let alone she, cannot cheat death forever.

R16 also have personally ordered a Secret Project in creating the ultimate in military-class Arachnids: the "Marauder" X-Warrior. A powersuited, gengineered and cyborganic Warrior, styled after the Federation's powersuits she remembers (albeit foggily). The "X-Bug" is suited in an experimental "spidersuit" equipped with hi-maneuverability agrav-wing engines and cutting-edge LASER and Plasma weaponry, some organs exchanged for cybernetic upgrades and gengineered as a highly powerful psionic, adept in
the art of invading and manipulating the psyche of enemy targets through sheer willpower. "Marauder-1", the first prototype of such a project, has been preforming excellently so far, biologically and neurologically - but there is a possibility that the prototype might fail, so four more prototypes were being generated and modified as they speak.


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