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Messier 7 Racefiles: Olympyon

The Olympyon Federation

I. Ascendance Day

Olympyus VI. Sixth planet in Olympyus system. Messier 7 cluster. A harsh, half jagged rock, half waterland planet that gave rise to a unique Race altogether - a quad-armed, muscular, and surprisingly agile and intelligent lycantrophic species, the "Olympyons". What makes them unique is their balance of physical strength, mental resistance and wolflike agility. In theory, any Race underestimating an Olympyon as stupid and primitive "dog" is quickly proven wrong in an unexpected display of speed and strength, and to attempt mind-controlling an Olympyon Minewarrior can lead to suicide by a vision of swarms of Minewarriors drilling and pickaxing the guts out of the psyker.

In short: underestimating the Olympyons in battle is equal to commiting suicide.

Deep underground, the Olympyons develop their culture, their language, their faith and their civilizations, all based on a hybrid mining-military cultural thought, which resulted in exotic technologies, such as Particle Drillasers, repairing Nanorust, Drillmissiles and so forth. Soon, five "cavenations", empires built in Olympyus VI's cavernous underground, immediately came to be.

Unlike slave-cultures, even the lowliest Olympyan Minewarrior is content with working in the Great Mine Network, thanks to their unique physiology - in fact, all Olympyons see their work as their life, enjoying smashing rocks to pieces, digging out important mineral resources, constructing new cavecities and fighting in the cavearenas. None even went unhappy and revolted. Which is a good thing, given that the Great Mine Network had many dangers in store and that the Olympyons must be ready when they happen - even if it costs them their lives.

Relations between the five cavenations Heracleon, Spartos, Athenios, Apollha and Zeusonia, the strongest of the five, have been stable for about 4 decades, their diverse cultures leading to unique inventions and mining-military technology and lifestyles, mining a wealth of energy and nutrient minerals for their cavenations...

until one fateful day, a Zeusonian minewarrior party's battledriller was intentionally brought up to the rainy, jagged surface of their planet, penetrating the cavernous ground up into the Olympyus VI surface. A Zeusonian Olympyon minewarrior, Zenelaos, looked up to the skies and space beyond their world, and thought it was time for the Olympyon race to leave for the stars, for he knows that among the millions of stars lie their destiny as a miner-warrior race. And to this day, his minewarrior party has been working on the so-called "starship" technologies in the face of harsh weather.

From this day forward, relations of the five empires broke down to WAR.

As expected from Olympyon optimism, the Minewarrior armies went to clash with the enemy with pleasure never before experienced in other Races at the time... yet all Olympyons have but one regret in this civil war, named the "Olympyon Uprising": that they have to kill their fellow minewarriors, having but one life to do so. That, and Zenelaos' minewarrior team thought that fighting someone other than themselves will bring them great pleasure. Someone... alien.

Inside Battledriller #79101, Zenelaos' crew were busy designing and researching starship technology with applied sciences, eventually constructing an underground spaceport out of the very hole they brought themselves up into... with supplied resources in spite of the Uprising raging deep under the caves, splattering Olympyon blood all around the cave wars and fresh new holes being blown from Battledriller fire. It sure took a lotta work... but in the end, with the completion and immediate launch of the first Olympyan starship, the cruiser-class OMS Prometheus, Zenelaos's hard work finally paid off in this historical day of days.

As the five cavenations heard of the rumbling as the OMS Prometheus lifted off and pierced through the harsh storm-clouds of its extreme atmosphere and into the deep infinity of space, the Olympyans were stunned into inaction. Only when one realization went into their brains did they let go of the pause button.

They should be taking their minewarrior customs to the stars in the first place.


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