2010. jún. 3.

WinHistory.DE - Windows OS Historical Chronicle

Of course every lifeform has a "turning point" in their history that alters the course of their life for either better or worse. When I, for one, was little, I had to rely on DOS and Norton Commander - functional, but not enough sauce, when I first got my hands on a PC... that is, 'till Windows 95 came along, with its system-native games, advanced features and complete independence from DOS - and that pretty much was my turning point, going through trials and tribulations until, as 19 years old, I reached the status I run a spankin' new computer runnin' today's Windows 7. Oh yes, the good ol' days...

Makes sense that Dirk Makowski of Winhistory.DE serves as a Windows OS historian, keepin' track of all the MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2 1.x released so far and, yes, even that disaster MS-BOB, stemmming from all the OS' he has in storage, past to present. Any Windows nostalgic and retro-nut should feel free to visit Dirk's Digital Windows Museum at www.winhistory.de.

Oh yes - and Dirk also has the latest 'n greatest in Windows OS', namely Vista and 7.

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