2010. jún. 21.

Messier 7 Racefiles: Synthyen

The Synthyen Network

I. Synthesized Nightmares

Deep within the (literally) dark reaches of uncharted space in Messier 7, in what is called the unimaginably dark Synthyn Nebula, an unknown, dormant synthetic mothership, who will become the progenitor of the loathsome Synthyen Network, floats free in space, lying in sleep for... who knows how many generations, left behind simply there, sleeping ever since.

Until now, that is.

> Powering up mainframe... 100% //
> Booting cybersynaptic operating system... 100% - system is running //
> Weapons: Online //
> Engines: Online //
> Sensors: Online //
> Defenses: Online //
> Autorepair: Online //
> All systems: normal and functioning //
> Initializing cybersynaptic archives... [ERROR] Archive damage 57% //
> Backup archives initalized //
> Assessing Priority directives... //

The Network went online... but the Network cannot recall what happened prior its present day situation. Yet the Network can recall a Priority Directive they were programmed, primitive and ultra-violent, yet up to the point: organic life is nothing but an accident. Therefore, organic life must be extinguished.

And extinguish organic life the Network will.

To this end, the Network mothership began incorporating the nearest planet as their central hub, serving as their homeworld, manufacturing Incorporators to seize more worlds under their command, Repulsers to fend off any foolish organic invasion attempt and Extinguishers, from fighter-type to battleship-type, to accomplish the Network directive with. From time on, every sector of space immediately fell into the shadow of the Network, the local inhabitants being thorougly extinguished, with or without resistance. Then another priority came: that the so-called "Saviors" must share the fate of those extinguished for their (by the Network's standards) blasphemous attempts to "save" organic civilizations, for they become too strong for their own good and pose a significant threat to the Network's operations. Possible threat include, but not limited to: "Raptured", "Dominae", "Arachnid", "Delphini", "Olympyon", "Xelrihn". And one more programming in the Network systems prompted the synthetic Race to fashion themselvs a "name", one that reflects their origin and their extinguishment operations. And fashioned a name the Network did.



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